GT ATTUATORI - More than actuators!

Besides our main product – pneumatic rack and pinion actuators – G.T. Attuatori manufactures also a huge product range of rotary switch boxes with mechanical or proximity sensors as well as NAMUR solenoid valves and a complete accessory range for assembling of the actuator on industrial valves, for example brackets, couplings and adapters.

Product overview...

Double- and single acting actuators 

  • Torque from 3 to 8000Nm
  • ATEX, GOST, SIL3 und RTN
  • ISO- and NAMUR interface
  • Angle rotation 90°, 120°, 180° and 240°
  • 3-position-actuators
  • Special actuators

Solenoid valves and throttle plates

  • 3/2- and 5/2-way-NAMUR-solenoid valve, standard- and Ex-versions.
  • 3/2- and 5/2-way-NAMUR throttle plates.

Rotary switch boxes


Rotary switch boxes as feedback system of the position of pneumatic actuators with all usual kind of sensors and switches, body: aluminium, enclosure: IP67


Mounting accessories

Brackets, couplings and adapters for assembling on industrial valves as well as silencers and throttles.